BALTDEFCOL deploys to Sweden for Combined Joint Staff Exercise (CJSE) 2013

BALTDEFCOL deploys to Sweden for Combined Joint Staff Exercise (CJSE) 2013


From 19-26 April, the members of the Joint Command and General Staff Course and Civil Servants Course have deployed en masse to Sweden to participate in the Combined Joint Staff Exercise (CJSE) 2013. The contingents are spread across three locations - Enköping, Uppsala, and Karlskrona - and are fulfilling myriad roles in staff organizations. Over 1400 personnel, representing 25 nations, are participating in the exercise. "We are proud of the fact that of the 25 flags flying in front of the headquarters building, 17 are represented within our student body," said COL Jan Erik Mikkelsen, head of the BALTDEFCOL delegation.


The aim of the CJSE 2013 is to prepare students for work in an international staff within a multi-functional/multi-national Crisis Response Operation, based on the Comprehensive Approach and focusing on cooperation and coordination within an unstable environment. "Based on their performance during rigorous planning tutorials and a challenging BALTDEFCOL exercise, our Officers and Civil Servants are fully prepared to excel in CJSE. I am fully confident that they will make a positive impression on their fellow exercise participants," COL Mikkelsen continued.



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