BALTDEFCOL hosts the CSELC AAR Conference

The Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) is hosting the Command Senior Enlisted Leaders' Course (CSELC) After Action Review (AAR) Conference this week. The purpose is to gather all the Nations which have contributed to the CSELC creation and development, who have sent the course participants or are interested in continuing education in this framework in the future. The program of the conference offers a comprehensive overview of the CSELC trial period 2019 - 2021 from the BALTDEFCOL and Nations perspective. Moreover, over two days, the representatives from 18 Nations and NATO will provide the BALTDEFCOL with collectively agreed recommendations about the future of the CSELC.

Despite the COVID pandemic, the CSELC concept has witnessed steady growth in a number of course participants and the Nations involved. In 2019, the first course was joined by 13 participants from eight Nations, while in 2021 the figures were up to 21 persons from 15 Nations. Within three years, 45 graduates from 15 Nations have returned to respective nations’ services " armed " with a substantial amount of new knowledge. On top of it, the personal network, created throughout the studies, is invaluable, enhancing the quality of daily duties and developing new opportunities for their service and future career.

The concept, which includes a combination of online studies and residential education, lasts three months and provides a variety of lectures and group activities on Strategic Leadership, National Security, and International Security Challenges. Furthermore, course participants are jointly designing regional security measures to cope with real-life hybrid threats, and they present the outcomes of their individual writing task to a distinguished board, which includes flag officer(s) and academics.

BALTDEFCOL wishes luck to all participants and looking forward to the fruitful conference!


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