BALTDEFCOL is now conducting Exercise Collaborative Effort 13. 

BALTDEFCOL is now conducting Exercise Collaborative Effort 13. 


This exercise will be executed in four phases: tutorial – combat – planning – after action review. We are now in the middle of the combat operations phase.This is a major College event involving all JCGSC and CSC students, all SGOs and OPD staff in addition to College Support Staff and invited SMEs.


New of this year is that we are introducing EXECUTION to the exercise and we are exposing the students to a high intensity / war-fighting operation.
The students are acting as the operational staff of a deployed Joint Force HQ. The focus for the exercise is to train combined joint staff methods and procedures. Exercise Control organisation (EXCON) is manned by the BALTDEFCOL faculty. This is the first time in College history we are doing this.

After a week of war-fighting operations we will shift focus to Peace Support Operations / Crises Response Operation and continue the exercise with the Training Audience (students) divided into two Joint Operational Planning Groups (JOPGs) using the NATO Comprehensive Operations Planning Directive – COPD.

In the framework of BALTDEFCOL Operations Departments Joint Combined Operations tutorial, all students are educated and prepared to handle such complex planning challenges at the operational level.
Exercise Collaborative Effort will end on Friday 22 March. All students and staff should then be prepared for the Combined Joint Staff Exercise in Sweden in April.

Colonel Jan-Erik Mikkelsen
Exercise Director


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