BALTDEFCOL’s In-house Exercise „Joint Resolve-18“

This week, from 12th to 16th of March, the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) is conducting an in-house exercise „Joint Resolve-18“ (JR-18). The exercise is a culmination event of the Joint Command and General Staff Course’s (JCGSC) Module ‘Planning and Execution of Operations’ that started at the beginning of February. It links-up several weeks of planning and preparation process. The aim of the JR-18 is to confirm students’ ability to execute operations and to formulate solutions to complex operational problems within the NATO Article-5. It is considered as one of the most important academic events at the College.

During the Module, the BALTDEFCOL is applying an exercise scenario adopted and developed by the Faculty. The training audience consists of students of the Joint Command and General Staff Course augmented by the former graduates of the BALTDEFCOL’s Civil Servants’ Course from Ministries of Defence of the three Baltic states and the Ministry of Interior of Latvia, Senior Estonian NCOs and representatives from the Polish Naval Academy. Besides the BALTDEFCOL’s Faculty and Staff members, more than 30 external Subject Matter Experts from various countries, NATO StratCom Centre of Excellence, NATO Cyber Centre of Excellence and NATO Force Integration Unit in Estonia are supporting the exercise as observers, trainers and mentors. Furthermore, representatives of the NATO Joint Warfare Centre and the Royal Danish Defence College are observing the JR-18.


The Module is designed to build upon the education provided in the previous JCGSC modules and to further develop students’ abilities within comprehensive approach to operations. The knowledge will underpin future modules especially the ‘Crisis Response Operations’ and the ‘Combined Joint Staff Exercise VIKING 18’ conducted in April 2018 in Sweden.



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