Baltic Coordination Group Meeting held at Baltic Defence College

On 9th of October, the Baltic Coordination Group (BCG) Meeting was held at the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL).


The semi-annual meeting conducted under the Chairmanship of Latvia brought together delegations from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, members of the BALTDEFCOL Management Group as well as Senior National Representatives (SNRs) of the participating countries.

BCG meeting included updates and extensive discussions on BALTDEFCOL’s upcoming academic activities, 20th Anniversary celebrations, establishment of the CSEL Course as well as administrative and budgetary issues related to the College. The focal topics of the agenda were BALTDEFCOL’s Structure Review and Governance System. The participating SNRs briefed the BCG members on the future contribution of their respective countries to the BALTDEFCOL.

The BCG is a body referring to the Baltic Ministerial Committee and the Baltic Military Committee in relation to all questions linked to management and development of BALTDEFCOL. Its primary role is to review, evaluate and support BALTDEFCOL activities, use of resources and student administration.


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