Baltic Coordination Group meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania

Baltic Coordination Group meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania

The 1st Baltic Coordination Group (BCG) meeting in year 2016 was chaired by Lithuania. The meeting was held in the premises of the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence in Vilnius on 23rd March.

Photo by G. Maksimovicz

Traditionally the meeting has been attended by: members of the BALTDEFCOL Management Group; Senior National Representatives of the participating countries; and representatives from the ministries of defence of the three Baltic States and their respective Defence Forces. Members of the BCG discussed topical issues of coordination of the activities of the Baltic Defence College. The agenda of the comprehensive one-day meeting included updates on BALTDEFCOL’s educational activities, administrative and budgetary issues and in particular the future development of the college. Once again the focal topics were development of the essential contents and harmonisation of levels of military education of the Baltic States.

Photo by G. Maksimovicz

BCG is a body referring to the Baltic Ministerial Committee and the Baltic Military Committee in relation to all questions linked to management and development of the BALTDEFCOL. Its primary role is to review, evaluate and support BALTDEFCOL activities, use of resources and student administration.


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