Baltic Defence College Administration Information to AICSC Students GENERAL INFORMATION COURSE OFFICE

Once you arrive at Baltic Defence College, the Course Office (CO) is your main point of contact for issues related to administration. There are two personnel in the CO. If you have any issues to discuss, please feel free to address them. They can help you solve your problem. We encourage you to contact the CO when your superiors officially notify you that you will be studying at BaltDefCol.



Provide advance notification to the CO of your arrival. Either you or your personnel department must contact the CO by telephone at 3727176069, by facsimile at 3727176050 or by e-mail at [email protected]

Arrival information must include all the airlines’ names, their flight numbers, and the time and date of arrival at the Tallinn Airport.



If you arrive to Tartu by car, please make yourself familiar with Estonian traffic regulations. All student hotels are within 15-20 min walk from BaltDefCol. We strongly recommend to walk instead of driving because students are not allowed to park in college compound and number of parking places around BaltDefCol is very limited.





If you arrive by air at the Tallinn Airport, there are a couple of ways to reach Tartu. You can take a taxi to Tallinn bus terminal (taxi approx 100 EEK) and then take a bus to Tartu (bus ticket max 11 EUR) or you can take a taxi directly from airport to Tartu (cost approx 128 EUR). On request the BaltDefCol can arrange transportation for students but it has to be requested in advance and is subject to availability.




Students’ rooms are located in three separate buildings. All students will live in a single room. All rooms are with shower and WC. In each room there are also a small stove (hot plate), microwave, coffee brewer and refrigerator. None of the hotels provide meals.





It is possible to make business calls, also to other countries, from Secretariat and Course Office. Private calls from BaltDefCol telephones are not allowed. For local calls and as an emergency contact, we recommend you to buy a local pre-paid calling card for mobile telephone. These cards are available from all Estonian mobile telephone service providers and they work with all GSM system mobile telephones. Calling prices differ between different cards, you have to decide yourself which provider suits your needs best.




All rooms in students’ accommodations are equipped with a computer which is connected to public internet. Each student is issued a personal password to access these computers. All internet traffic is monitored and visiting inappropriate web sites may bring to termination of internet access. Installation of any software has to be approved by BaltDefCol IT Office prior to installation.




The students’ guesthouses do not provide dining possibilities. There is Estonian National Defence College (ENDC) canteen in the same building with BaltDefCol which provides breakfast, lunch and dinner. All meals have to be booked and paid for at least 24h in advance. Booking meals and paying is each students own responsibility. You will be properly briefed on these procedures when you arrive to BaltDefCol. The lunch on your first day in BaltDefCol is booked for you and prepaid by BaltDefCol. Payments are accepted in cash only.

ENDC canteen does not provide food according to personal dietary restrictions.




Estonia has its own currency, Estonian Kroon (EEK), which has fixed exchange rate with Euro (1 EUR = 15.64 EEK). Most shops and restaurants accept major credit cards (VISA, Master Card, Euro Card etc.) and the ATM’s (Automated Teller Machine) network is very good in Tartu.


BaltDefCol will arrange for you the NATO SOFA (Status Of Forces Agreement) stamp. The bearer of NATO SOFA stamp is allowed to enter and stay in Estonia for the duration of your studies in BaltDefCol. To arrange this stamp in time, we need to have your NATO or National Travel Order (faxed to College) with dates covering the period of stay (until 12.06.2007) and passport copy (faxed to College) prior to your arrival. Please send these faxes ASAP after you have filled the in-processing form on BaltDefCol web site. /index.php?id=180

Make sure your passport is valid at least for three month after your course ends.




All students must have a security clearance level at least NATO/PfP CONFIDENTIAL or National Confidential. You must bring a copy of your security clearance certificate.




Each student has to have health insurance. If you are from a country that is a member of European Union, you must have your EU Healthcare Insurance card with you. If you come from a non-EU country you should have some other form of health insurance. Outreach students’ insurance is provided by respective sponsoring country for the duration of your course. Basic medical help can be provided by ENDC doctors but specialist doctors have to be visited in local hospitals.



Despite its northern latitude, Estonia\'s climate is relatively mild because of its proximity to water. The coldest months are January and February, when temperatures are in the

-5 to -10 C, although they can drop to -30 C. From May to September the average temperature during daytime is 18 to 23 C.




According to information above, be prepared for very cold weather conditions. During your studies you will be participating in several exercises. Some of them take place in other countries and in outdoor conditions. Make sure you bring winter uniforms, boots and other warm clothing and also wet weather (waterproof) clothing.

Uniform requirements according to BaltDefCol Regulations:

Category 1: Jacket Uniform - Worn for formal or special occasions. This uniform includes shirt, tie, jacket and matching trousers with smart polished shoes. Appropriate headgear should be worn outdoors. An overcoat may be worn outdoors in cold weather.

Category 2: Daily Uniform - The normal uniform for most BALTDEFCOL activities. This is the uniform to be worn in the absence of any specific instruction. This uniform includes shirt, jersey if desired, trousers and shoes or boots. Appropriate headgear should be worn outdoors. A coat or jacket may be worn outdoors in cold or wet weather.

Civilian clothing – Civilian clothing is your own choice, however, you must bring some dress clothes (suit, jacket and tie) and appropriate footwear for special events.

Sportswear – You should also bring some sportswear. BaltDefCol provides a possibility to take part in several sports activities like basketball, volleyball etc.




If you need something sent to you by regular mail, you can have it sent to BDCOL mail address:

Your name and course

Baltic Defence College

Riia 12

51013 Tartu





Course Office

Course Secretary Ms Kaie Ehrenberg

Tel: 3727176069

E-mail: [email protected]

Fax: 3727176050

24 h BaltDefCol Duty Telephone: 37256608023


Email again:


Graduation Ceremony of JCGSC 2007/2008 and CSC 2008


1st Annual Baltic Conference on Defence: Road to Transformation Summit

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