Baltic Defence College Enhances Curriculum to Address Contemporary and Future Military Challenges

Baltic Defence College Enhances Curriculum to Address Contemporary and Future Military Challenges


Subject matter experts from across the North Atlantic Treaty Organization participated in the Baltic Defence College’s (BALTDEFCOL) Joint Command and General Staff Course (JCGSC) and Civil Servants Course (CSC) Strategic Communications module.
Experts from Allied forces including a naval officer from Germany, United Kingdom Army Media Operations, United States Air National Guard Public Affairs, Lithuanian Army Strategic Communications, and the Estonian Army Strategic Communications provided the 55 officers and civil servant students from 16 different countries with the insight into the strategic and operational planning capabilities and practices within NATO.


‘’The Strategic Communication module is very, very important to the overall course experience here at the BALTDEFCOL,’’ said COL Jan Erik Mikkelsen (NOR AF), Director of Operations Department. He continued: ’’This year we have increased the module to a full week and doing so have emphasized the importance of this in planning, executing, and exercising our military activities. We understand that we all can get better at this and many of the students will go on directly from here to positions within NATO and also the own national command structure. Throughout this, we are not only educating the students, but the instructors and guest lectures are gaining valuable insight into the vast world and opportunities that are presented through strategic communications.’’
The JCGSC and CSC offer students an opportunity to learn and experience life in the joint operational environment, exposes and analyses doctrinal practices and operational techniques unique to militaries across the globe, especially those situations unique to the Baltic States.

The BALTDEFCOL is an international military educational institute focused on issues and doctrinal challenges facing regional and NATO forces engaged in contingency actions around the globe. Through a comprehensive and integrated approach to education, the college is providing the future leaders, both civil servant and military officer, with the skills, knowledge, and abilities to plan and execute complex operations in the multinational coalition environment.

Participants in the learning activities during the Baltic Defence College’s Strategic Communications Week included members of the Joint Command General Staff Course 2012 – 2013 and Civil Service Course 2013, as well as experts from Estonian Defence Forces Headquarters, Latvian National Defence Forces Headquarters, and Latvian Ministry of Defence, Latvian National Defence Academy and the Estonian Security Police.


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