Baltic Defence College hosted Nordic-Baltic Conference of Commandants

Baltic Defence College hosted Nordic-Baltic Conference of Commandants


On 26-27 September Nordic-Baltic Conference of Commandants was held in Jurmala, Latvia. The annual conference was attended by highest representatives of Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL), Royal Danish Defence College (RDDC), Finish National Defence University (FNDU), Norwegian Defence University College (NDCU) and Swedish National Defence College (SNDC).

During the two day sessions Commandants and representatives of the military educational institutions were introduced to a number of presentations covering wide range of topics.


The first day of the Conference was mainly covered by presentations by Commandants of each respective institution. During second day Commandants were introduced to a wide range of topics, including further development of the feasibility study of the Strategic Course, experience from Advanced Distributed Learning in NDUC, Nordic Security Seminar organized by FNDU and future of ISMS.

The conference was a perfect possibility for Commandants and their delegations to discuss and exchanges their ideas and points of views on different issues. Conference went in a friendly and open environment. Commandants agreed that most essential is cooperation, pooling and shearing of intellectual capabilities in a favour of further development of professional military educational systems.

The Nordic-Baltic Conference of Commandants is an annual conference hosted on rotational basis by BALTDEFCOL, RDDC, FNDU, NDCU and SNDC. This year’s conference was hosted and chaired by the Baltic Defence College. It was agreed that the Nordic/Baltic Conference of Commandants 2014 will be hosted by the FNDU in September 2014.


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