Baltic Defence College in the Baltic Defence Innovation Conference 2013

Baltic Defence College in the Baltic Defence Innovation Conference 2013


Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) together with the International Centre for Defence Studies and the three respective Baltic Ministries of Defence organized the Baltic Defence Innovation Conference 2013 on 3-4 December in Tallinn.


The main aim of the Conference was to promote understanding of military innovation in the armed forces of the Baltic States and about the importance of multinational collaboration in this field. The participants gained common understanding about military innovation process, awareness of 3B national capability development plans as well as appreciation of collaboration opportunities. Almost 150 participant strong expert audience from NATO and the Baltic and Nordic ministries, armed forces, academia and private sector offered excellent opportunities for networking.

BALTDEFCOL had participated in the planning of the Conference offering its insights to the agenda from the very beginning. BALTDEFCOL Commandant MG Vitalijus Vaikšnoras emphasized in his conference opening speech the role of thinking and courage in innovation and highlighted that the spirit of innovation need to be a constant state of mind – also in BALTDEFCOL. BALTDEFCOL Faculty members Mr Geoff Yapp, Mr James Rogers and LTC Mika Kerttunen each moderated a session and LTC Anto Kergand and LTC Antek Kasemaa participated in the Conference gaining valuable knowledge to be taken into curriculum and LA 3 and LA 4 development and ensuring high visibility for the College.


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BALTDEFCOL staff member awarded by Estonian Defence Ministry


43rd Conference of Commandants

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