Baltic Defence College’s 20th Anniversary Logo Launch

On 26th of February 2018, the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) enters its 20th Anniversary year. The Anniversary celebrations will include a programme of activities that will culminate with the joint graduation of the Higher Command Studies Course and the Joint Command and General Staff Course in June 2019. A special programme will also take place in February 2019 to observe the Anniversary day.

A special logo has been designed in commemoration of the College’s 20th Anniversary, for use throughout 2018 and 2019 to promote the year of Anniversary celebrations.

20th Anniversary Logo

Starting from 26th of February 2018, the Anniversary Logo will be used both externally and internally to promote and publicise the events and activities marking the 20th Anniversary. The Logo will appear in BALTDEFCOL’s correspondence, website, social media platforms, Anniversary publications and promotional items.


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Baltic Defence College participated in the Estonian Independence Day celebrations


Commodore (Ret’d) Hans Christian Helseth

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