Baltic Defence College Supports Charitable Foundation "Tabletochki"

In February, the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) spouse club, Baltspouses, raised 2860 EUR during the BALTDEFCOL International Night, which took place on February 29, 2024. This year, the donations were made to the Charitable Foundation "Tabletochki". Since 2011, the Charitable Foundation "Tabletochki" has helped Ukrainian families tackle the disease, and doctors—save the lives of children with cancer.

Today, Baltspouses proudly presented a cheque for 2860 EUR to the BALTDEFCOL's Ukrainian community. This generous contribution underscores the BALTDEFCOL community's commitment to impact the lives of those in need positively, and it exemplifies the spirit of solidarity and compassion that defines the institution.

This initiative is part of a longstanding tradition at the BALTDEFCOL, where fundraising activities for charitable causes have been conducted over the years. The event, spearheaded by Baltspouses, featured a raffle in the college's annual International Night. Attendees could immerse themselves in the diverse cuisines, cultures, and customs of the nations represented at the college while contributing to a worthy cause.


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