Baltic Defence Study Tour ends in Estonia

Baltic Defence Study Tour ends in Estonia


In Estonia, the BALTDEFCOL delegation first visited on 23 May the Parliament of Estonia, where they were welcomed by Mr. Mati Raidma, the Chairman of National Defence Committee. After a briefing on the role of parliament in implementing defence and security policy, Mr Raidma was challenged with several good questions from the students.

The day continued with the visit of Estonian Ministry of Defence (MoD). The courses received info briefs on defence planning process and decision-making in Estonia and role of MoD in defence planning. The students also received an overview of Estonian Armed Forces and its development plans.


On the last day of the Study Tour, 24 May, the group visited Estonian Naval Base and NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE). The students were presented a general overview of Estonian Navy, CCDCOE and national cyber security. They also had a chance to visit Sandown-class minehunter and the divers’ station.

After five days full of activity the students returned to Tartu, having gained more knowledge on defence planning and the Baltic States. The tour was very beneficial for the students to familiarize with the instruments of the democratic state in pursuit of security and external political goals.


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