Baltic Military Committee Meeting in Tapa, Estonia

Baltic Military Committee Meeting in Tapa, Estonia

The Commandant of the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) participated in the meeting of Baltic Military Committee consisting of the Commanders of the Defence Forces of the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian defence forces. The committee gathered for its regular working meeting to discuss joint defence projects of the Baltic States on 20th April 2016 in Estonia.

Photo: EST Defence Forces

During the meeting a detailed overview of current status, developments as well as future plans of the College was given. The leaders of the Baltic States’ Defence Forces were briefed on the College’s vision, activity plan, its development plan and main lines of effort. The meeting can be considered as very important for the continuing development of the College as the main provisions of the Development plan 2017 – 2025 were endorsed by the Baltic Military Committee. Members of the committee conveyed their appreciation for the work done at the College and assured that the management of BALTDEFCOL can count on full support on their efforts to ensure continuous successful development of the institution.

The Baltic Military Committee regularly meets twice a year. The Committee prepares recommendations on the policies and further developments of the joint defence projects for decision and approval to the Baltic Ministerial Committee.


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