Baltic Sea Maritime Security Roundtable

Today, 11th February, the Baltic Defence College hosted a Baltic Sea Maritime Security Roundtable. As part of a renewed focus on collective defence and deterrence, NATO is re-engaging with the maritime domain and navies are seeing greater levels of interest and investment.

The states that surround the Baltic Sea have also begun to respond to new and rediscovered challenges to their maritime security, and explore credible options for the Baltic states to ensure defence and deterrence of their maritime approaches.

Panelists included VADM (ret) Heinrich Lange, former Vice Chief of the German Navy, VADM (ret) Ryszard Demczuk PhD, former Chief of Navy Staff Polish Navy and CAPT Jüri Saska, Commander of the Estonian Navy. The event was moderated by CAPT (ret) William “Bill” Combes of the Baltic Defence College.

Students from the Higher Command Studies Course, Joint Command and General Staff Course, Civil Servants Course and interested external participants discussed: a report, jointly published by the International Centre for Defence and Security and the Baltic Defence College, “To the Seas Again: Maritime Defence and Deterrence in the Baltic Region”; NATO-EU perspective in regional (NATO Eastern Flank) maritime security challenges; Bastion of Kalinigrad District as the core factor and critical influencer of Baltic States Maritime Domain; and the importance of 3B cooperation in the future, both opportunities and challenges.



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Seminar “Know yourself, Know your Adversaries”


Visit by Mr Jānis Garisons, State Secretary of Ministry of Defence of Latvia

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