BdeGen Clemmesen, Speech at the 7 Feb 2003 CSC 2 Graduation


CSC Graduation 2003When this course programme was created it was meant to mirror the requirements that would follow the NATO invitations we knew would come during the course. We believe that we succeeded in creating that focus, especially during this last course module.

We hope that we were successful in implementing the dynamic course we planned. Only minor adjustments became necessary.

We have not been as successful as we hoped in integrating the three nationalities into one team. It could also be too optimistic, considering the relatively short periods you had in the College.

However, we hope that you will compensate during the coming months and years by using the network of contacts you got here. It would be a benefit to your countries. They need to co-ordinate policies and resources even better in the future.

CSC Graduation 2003

The college and the two other countries are grateful that Lithuania chose to send two students to the course - as a pilot project. We do hope that we did not disappoint the students and their country - and are very happy and proud that one of the graduates has been selected for post-graduate studies in Canada on the basis of Canadian MOD wishes and her performance here.

The candidates for the other available Canadian scholarships will be selected soon. We want to be certain that none of those selected will drop out as happened to one of the two from the previous course.

With the up-coming war against Iraq, all the international community is facing very difficult challenges. This will also include additional demands on the three Baltic states, their MOD-s - and thus on you. The College, however, is convinced that you will perform well.

I and my staff look forward to watch you in action in the future, initially during the up-coming June return for the course trip.


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