Book Launch "Visions cannot be neglected – compilation of General Pēteris Radziņš writings"

The Baltic Defence College inaugurated book titled “Visions cannot be neglected – compilation of General Pēteris Radziņš writings” by Mr Art Johanson as a part of a broader project to popularize the Baltic nations’ military leadership and history.

During the book launch, Mr Johanson provided an overview of the project. Next, Major (ret.) Agris Purviņš, the Head of the General Pēteris Radziņš’ Association, familiarized the audience with General Radziņš’ as the military leader and thinker. Mr Valdis Kuzmins, from the National Defence Academy of Latvia, who was also the reviewer of the book, followed him highlighting the importance of military history as part of education. Dr Zdzislaw Sliwa, the BALTDEFCOL Dean, moderated the discussion. The speeches were followed by active discussion and questions from faculty and students’.


General Pēteris Radziņš was a strategic Latvian military leader, who had a clear vision of the needs of his (Latvian) nation and the role of the Armed Forces within the nation-building process. He advocated for a Baltic Alliance and promoted tight cooperation among friendly nations like Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, and Poland.

If anyone is interested in General Pēteris Radziņš book, it will be available on the BALTDEFCOL website (here). 


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