Capacity Building of Baltic Civil Servants and BALTDEFCOL Faculty

Capacity Building of Baltic Civil Servants and BALTDEFCOL Faculty

On Monday, 2 June the Baltic Defence College students from CSC as well as members of the Directing Staff started a one week Strategic Policy Planning course delivered by the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies.


The Centre’s primary focus is the empowerment of human capital through capacity building. To this effect, the Centre organises a range of training programmes, conferences and policy discussions to address current public policy issues on the international stage, in the European Union and the UK.

The course has been designed for all civil servants working in a policy context, whether at the early stages of evaluating policy proposals and options, or at later stages of delivery and evaluation. During the course students will be familiarised with the policy design, strategic thinking, strategic planning and strategic decision making. The course provides the essential skills for ensuring best practice in strategic thinking and planning and managing the policy process from beginning to end. By the end of this course those attending the Civil Servants Course will have greatly improved the skills they need for their next and future assignments.


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