Cdr. Jörg Lehmann

Instructor, NATO Joint Operations (Naval)


Cdr. Jörg Lehmann joined the Baltic Defence College in September 2012 as an instructor of NATO Joint Operations (Naval) within the Joint Command and General Staff Course after completing a tour at the German Centre of Strategic Communications in Mayen, Germany. In 1978, Cdr. Lehmann began his military career when he was commissioned into the German Navy. He was subsequently trained in various naval schools, to include service on the training vessel Gorch Fock. Upon completion of preliminary training, Cdr. Lehmann studied. in Management and Economics at the Military University in Hamburg.

After his graduation in 1985, he served on mine-sweepers and mine-hunters, ascending to commanding officer. From 1985-1988, Cdr. Lehmann served as an instructor onboard the German Navy training vessel Deutschland and the French helicopter carrier Jeanne d’Arc. Then, in 1990, he entered General Staff Officer Training and attended the German Armed Forces Command College in Hamburg.

In 1993 he put the new mine-hunter, Rottweil, into service. From September 1994, he served at the French Naval Academy as an exchange officer and instructor for cadets for a period of four years. Cdr. Lehmann then served as Course Director at the German Naval Academy in Flensburg until he was deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina in September 2000, serving with the French division in Mostar as the personal spokesperson of the Commanding General for nine months.

In October 2001, Cdr. Lehmann was promoted to Commander (Junior Grade) and appointed as Duty Officer within the Bundeswehr Operations Command (J2). Later, he was tapped to serve as the Information Operations Officer at the Joint Forces Command in Brunssum, where he served for nearly six years. In this capacity, he was twice deployed to the International Security Assistance Force Headquarters in Afghanistan as the Chief of Information Operations.

In 2010, Cdr. Lehmann returned to Germany where he fulfilled duties at the strategic reconnaissance command. In 2011, he joined the German Psychological Operations Centre as an Information Operations staff officer and was deployed as the Chief of Information Operations within Regional Command North.

Areas of Expertise

  • Mine warfare
  • Maritime communication
  • Intelligence planning
  • Operational-level planning
  • French policy in Northern Atlantic
  • Strategic communication and information operations


German, English and French


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