Cdr. Peeter Ivask

Cdr. Peeter Ivask

Instructor, NATO Joint Operations (Naval)

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 372 717 6006

Office: Room 211


Cdr. Ivask began his military career in 1991 as a conscript of the Estonian Border Guard Service. After transition to the reserve in 1993, he completed a six-month Army Officers Course in Tallinn. After initial army officer's training he graduated from the course in December 1993 and was promoted to the rank of Sub Lieutenant. His first post was as Company Commander in the Single Infantry Battalion 'Kalev' and then on the battalion staff. In 1995, he was posted to Estonian National Defence Academy as instructor and facilitator of the Military Officer's Faculty. In autumn 1995, he was joined to the Finnish Naval Academy as a naval cadet and spent the next four years in Finland. He graduated in 1999 and was promoted to Lieutenant. After graduation, he started service on the Estonian Navy's mine countermeasures ships. In 2000, he served as Commanding Officer of a patrol ship and in 2001 he was posted to the Estonian Navy Headquarters Operational Division as a staff officer responsible for training and readiness.

In 2002, Cdr. Ivask was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant (Senior Grade) and was posted as Chief of Operational Division in the Naval Headquarters. In 2005, he graduated from the United Kingdom's Joint Services Staff College in Shrivenham and was promoted to rank of Lieutenant Commander. From 2005-2007 he served in the Estonian Naval Headquarters as the Chief of the Operational Division and several times as Acting Chief of Staff of the Estonian Navy Headquarters. In 2007, he was posted to the General Staff of the Estonian Defence Forces, Planning and Policy Department (J5), where he was involved in long-term planning. In January 2009, Cdr. Ivask was posted to the Allied Maritime Command Northwood, Exercise and Training Division as a Staff Training Officer. In 2010, he was promoted to Commander. After service overseas he returned to Estonia in summer 2012 and was posted to the Baltic Defence College as an instructor in NATO Maritime and Joint Operations.

Areas of Expertise

  • Maritime and Joint Operations
  • Operational Art

Selected Publications

  • Ivask, Peeter. 2010. Contemporary maritime piracy. Sõdur. October, 2010, 4.


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