Change of BALTDEFCOL Command and HCSC 2007 Graduation Ceremony


14th of December 2007 marked a festive moment in the history of BALTDEFCOL. The command of the College was handed in to Brigadier General Gundars Ābols (LVA A) from his previous successor, 2nd Commandant Brigadier General Algis Vaičeliūnas (LTU A).


    In his ending speech Brigadier General Vaičeliūnas expressed gratitude to those who have had a great share in the development and support of the BALTDEFCOL. He spoke about the main achievements of the past few years as well as underlined the key challenges, which in his opinion will be facing BALTDEFCOL in the future. After the official change of Command, the 3rd Commandant, Brigadier General Ābols held his initiation speech, promising to continue the progress achieved and strengthen the development of the BALTDEFCOL. He also stressed need for continue strengthen future closer cooperation with civilian colleges and universities, future enlargement of engagement with all NATO and PfP nations as well as the need to ensure that the newest concepts are being taught, understood and constantly challenged in educational curriculum.   Aside of the Command hand-over, the Graduation of the Higher Command Studies Course 2007 also took place. Diplomas were handed in to 16 students from 12 nations and the main graduation speech was held by Mr Lauri Almann, State Secretary of Estonian Defence. A Lithuanian musical group “Quintet of Friends” entertained an audience of students, Staff members and several distinguished guests honouring BALTDEFCOL with their presence (among them Baltic statesÂ’ Chiefs of Defence, Ambassadors, Defence Attachés, BALTDEFCOL co-operation partners, representatives of sister-Colleges and other high state officials). Afterwards a reception at the Tartu University History Museum followed to celebrate this special occasion.      


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Cooperation agreement with the Institute of International Relations and Political Science of the University of Vilnius


Visit by Mr. Mart Laar

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