Charity project for Ukrainian children

Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) participated in charity project for Ukrainian children whose fathers lost their lives in action in the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine. The initiators of the project were Latvian Ministry of Defence and Latvian Armed Forces. BALTDEFCOL participated in the project as a separate entity but utilised the Latvian help to transport and deliver donated gifts.

The idea behind this charity was to fill at least one of the dreams of these children. So they all wrote a letter about their wishes and all the letters were distributed among military units and the MOD departments participating in the project. BALTDEFCOL received 10 letters.

BALTDEFCOL staff and students collected all together 760 euros to donate different gifts to Ukrainian children. The project was very welcomed in BALTDEFCOL, we managed to send 21 gifts to these children.

Mr Juris Roze, Director of the Department of Support, delivered all the gifts to Latvia (Photo by Latvian Armed Forces)

In total 10 000 euros were collected and 140 children got a gift they wished for. Handing over ceremony took place in Kyiv on 20th February.

(Photo by Latvian Armed Forces)

Project coordinator Elmārs Pļaviņš, the Head of Chaplaincy of the Latvian Armed Forces, said that the emotions and the feelings of those kids and their mothers were something unforgettable.


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General (ret.) Knud Bartels and General (ret.) Hans-Lothar Domröse recognised as Honorary Fellows of the Baltic Defence College


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