Col. Eran Duvdevani

Col. Eran Duvdevani

Free-lance in consulting security, counter-terrorism and instructing in the officers’ course in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and the operations branch in the GHQ of the IDF, as a Colonel (Res.)


Visiting Senior Mentor / HCSC (2005) Module 1 – War, Strategy and Operations the last 15 Years



Personal Data:

Year of birth: 1959
Military rank: Colonel.

Education & Courses:

1984-1988 - First degree in Mechanical Engineering (B.Sc.), Be’er Sheba University
1989 - Commanding and staff course - the IDF college of Commanding and Staff
1990 - Metallic Materials course - The Mechanical Engineers Chamber
1991 - Project Managing course - The IDF branch of Technology & Logistics
1991 – Battalion Commanders’ course – The IDF Ground Corps
1996 – Counter terrorism combat course- CT school of the IDF

Professional Experience:

2001–Today - Free-lance in consulting security, counter-terrorism and instructing in the officers’ course in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and the operations branch in the GHQ of the IDF, as a Colonel (Res.).
• Research member of the International Policy for Counter-terrorism in Hertzlia and a lecturer on behalf of the Institute, specializing in operational countermeasures and suicide-bombing phenomenon. Within the insitute, I was in charge and chairman of the technology session in the International Convention on counter-terrorism, held in Israel on September 2004.
• Member of the Threat Assessment team, and later Head of Threat Assessment updating team for the 2004 Olympics in Athens, employed by ISDS-Hellas Ltd.
• Preparing the training and drills plan proposal of the security forces in the 2004 Olympics in Athens, for ISDS-Hellas Ltd.

1995-2000 - Head of Combined Operations in the IDF GHQ - Lieutenant Colonel
• Responsibility for initiating air-force, Naval and special operations
• Writing operational procedures and commands for counter-terrorism, especially in Hijacking and hostage negotiating.
• Conducting inspections for the readiness of units in charge of counter-terrorism
• Responsibility for developing special weapons and means for counter-terrorism
• Characterizing the operational requirements and procedures of the passages between the Palestinian Authority and Israel, with cooperation with the Israeli Secret service (“Shabak”), the Ministry of Transportation and the Airports Authority.

1993-1995 - Paratroopers Battalion commander - Lieutenant Colonel
• Commanding of a unit of 1300 Soldiers, within 65 Officers and 25 Senior NCO’s
• Developing innovative instruction packages
• Dealing with extreme pressure situations

1988-1993 - Head of Counter-Terrorism combat developing section - Lt. Colonel & Major
• Conducting the development of armament, weapons, vehicles, optronics and electronics, for counter-terrorism units
• Managing an independent budget of up to $2.5M
• Conducting Operational tests for the equipment developed
• Working “side-by-side” with the industry

1984-1988 – Security officer of a large petrol terminal (sensitive facility)

Lingual Capabilities:

English: Very high level of Speaking, Reading & writing.

On January 2001, he retired from service in the Israel Defense Forces, after 23 years in service. During his military service, he gained a comprehensive experience in counter-terrorism & security techniques, methods, weapons, armament and capabilities, in fighting against, as well as in avoidance of such threats.

He dealt with the issue of aviation security in full cooperation with the Israeli Airports Authority and El-Al Israeli airlines, including 2 actual hijacks: The Iranian plane on Sep’ 1995 and the Dagastani plane in October 2000. Both were hijacked to Israel.

In his last role in the IDF, he was a member of a committee, lead by the PM’s Counter-terrorism advisor, to deal with the threat of suicide-hijacked aircraft.

As a commercial pilot, he know's the problems from the cockpit, as well. His experience as a security officer of a large sensitive strategic facility gave him a perspective of perimeter and inter-facility security, including training the personnel.  


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