College Management Group duty trip to Lithuania

At the end of the last week, members of the College Management Group conducted a duty trip to Lithuania military facilities.The duty trip was a continuity of sequential visits aiming to get familiar with the regional armed forces and to build stronger relations based on mutual understanding and sharing experiences.

It allows BALTDEFCOL to better fulfil expectations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the area of military education. The previous duty trip was conducted in the Estonian Defence League (EDL) Tallinn District, but this time the College Management Group visited Klaipeda.

The programme started in the Lithuanian Navy Headquarters, where the Commander of the LTU Navy Captain (Navy) Arūnas Mockus provided a presentation giving an overview of tasks, responsibilities and capabilities. BALTDEFCOL staff had also an opportunity to visit LTU Navy vessels in Klaipeda seaport. During the visit, the Commander of NATO Force Integration Units (NFIU) LTU Col Jacob Sogard Larsen, who is a graduate of BALTDEFCOL, provided a brief explaining the role and responsibilities of NFIU LTU.


The duty trip was followed by the College Management Group Meeting held in the Garrison’s Officers Club in Klaipeda.


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