Command Senior Enlisted Leaders’ Course (CSELC) format has entered to active phase of preparations

The season for preparation for the upcoming CSELC 2023 has started with the visit of the Canadian counterparts to the BALTDEFCOL, namely we have been honored to host Vice Chief of the Defence Staff in the Canadian Armed Forces CCWO Christopher Robin and Sergeant-Major of the Canadian Defence Academy CWO Gordon McLean.

CCWO Robin said “My experience with the Baltic Defence College although short lived was very informative and inspiring. The quality of leadership was felt from the start by the detailed schedule, planned by the College Sergeant Major, Peeter Einbaum. Being greeted by the College Commander at our arrival, followed by the briefings by the other members of the College leadership, is proof of the BALTDEFCOL understanding of the importance of the NCO Corps and of the command team.” He continued: “The College offers a variety of excellent programs. The Canadian Armed Forces are a proud supporter and will continue to offer assistance for the CSEL course format in the future”.

As the next step, the College is proud to welcome the team of selected CSELC graduates whose task is to prepare and deliver CSELC 2023. The workshop is co-chaired by the outgoing Course Director CSM Peeter Einbaum from the Estonian Defence Forces and incoming Course Director CSM Alvydas Tamosiunas from the Lithuanian National Armed Forces. Seven leaders from 5 nations (EST, LVA, LTU, CAN, USA) are spending 3 full days together to go through the educational portion dedicated to the organizing team, and to discuss the details of the course program.

At the opening of the workshop, the BALTDEFCOL Deputy Commandant Colonel Dietmar Hartung stressed that the CSELC is unique as it is designed, developed and delivered by CSELs exclusively. Rich service experience combined with the high educational standards offered by the College are making the course very special. Hence it is in high international demand.

Since the launch of the first iteration of the CSELC in 2019, the College has witnessed the gradual increase of the number of course participants and participating Nations. In 2023, the class is expected to include more than 20 persons from 17 Nations, which marks the new record. To assure the quality achieved the College has starting the proceeding on seeking the NATO certification of the CSELC.


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