Commandant's visit to U.S Army War College

The BALTDEFCOL delegation headed by the Commandant, Major General Andis Dilans had a visit in the US Army War College (AWC) to exchange experiences related to Professional Military Education. The visit included an office call with the Dean Dr Richard Lacquement and Provost BG (ret.) Lance Betros. The office call focused on an overview of BALTDEFCOL and AWC approach to education, the international students’ admission and education was covered.


The meeting was followed by a “Baltic Security Forum” moderated by Professor Marybeth Ulrich with participation of BALTDEFCOL delegation and academic faculty of the AWC. The main topic of the forum was the exchange of perceptions of threats faced by the Baltic region. Finally, there was an academic meeting with representatives all the AWC’s educational departments and discussion related to curricula development, professional development of faculty members, the role of alumni association, assessment system, research papers and other academic topics. The visit proved to be very informative and there is a will of both organizations to continue exchange of faculty and experiences.



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