Commandants meeting at the Baltic Defence College

Commandants meeting at the Baltic Defence College

The Commandants of the three Baltic Nations were invited to a meeting with the Commandant at the Baltic Defence College. Major General Andis Dilāns together with Colonel Raimundas Matulis and Lieutenant Colonel Georgs Kerlins had in-depth discussions on how to bridge the gaps between the education provided in respective countries and harmonise the learning outcomes of the professional military educational institutions in the Baltic region.

Most importantly, issues pertaining to offering high quality of professional education, as well as further cooperation on educating the faculty and instructors and obtaining constructive feedback from the nations were discussed.
The Baltic Defence College appreciates the valuable inputs provided by the national colleges and welcomes continued interactions on this level on an annual basis. The meeting was followed by the Distinguished Visitors’ visit and BALTDEFCOL’s ‘International Night’ on the same day, both offered additional forum for formal and informal discussions.


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12th „International Night“ event at BALTDEFCOL took place

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