Connecting theory and practice: defence policy and strategy development

Within module 4, “Defence Policy and Strategy Development,” the Higher Command Studies Course students had an excellent opportunity to meet face-to-face with high-level representatives from the three Baltic States. To add value to the theoretical part, where students received a review of strategy formulation theories and learned about the recent developments and trends in different domains of defence policy, the roundtable discussion proved to be an important constituent of education.
General Martin Herem, the Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces; Lieutenant General Leonīds Kalniņš, the Commander of the Latvian National Armed Forces; and Brigadier General Alvydas Šiuparis, the Commander of Lithuanian TRADOC, paid a visit to BALTDEFCOL to offer their practical aspects of developing armed forces in respective nations to prepare for the evolving security environment.

They all provided an overview of national defence concepts highlighting priorities when preparing armed forces to face any threat to national sovereignty. It included aspects of regional cooperation among three nations and within NATO based on threat assessment.

The questions and answers session was focused on the current security situation, including the many strategic levels challenges like conscription and retirement of personnel, cooperation, NATO developments, and procurement. The roundtable has been an important extension of the education provided, enhancing preparations for the final stage of the module, which is the formulation of national strategies.  

As it is good practice at BALTDEFCOL for guests to have a short meeting with their respective staff and students to discuss national issues, all Generals used the opportunity to meet with their respective contingents, both students and faculty.


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