CSELC 2020 is back in business

Starting from 16th November the Command Senior Enlisted Leaders` Course (CSELC) returned to the daily study routines in format of the residential studies. Like with the first residential period delivered in September-October 2020, the course participants traveling from 10 countries, had to go through the self-isolation.

The last week offered numerous lectures on the Baltic Sea Regional security, including the activities in Arctics. The level of engagements has been in accordance to the course level objectives aiming the complex strategic security environment within the Baltic Sea region.

During the week, the speakers from the numerous NATO Centres of Excellence, Cambridge University, Tallinn University, US Army War College, some Allied and Partner Nations, and some selected key leaders from NATO Command and Force Structure etc. shared their knowledge and viewpoints with the course.


The week ended with the table-top exercise providing the framework to familiarize each other with the National threat assessments and to develop common countermeasures addressing various hybrid threats.


The highlight of this week is expected to be the course papers defence panel. All course participants have composed the papers addressing contemporary issues on the strategic level. Now there will be the chance to present it to the comrades and distinguished defence panel including some General Officers and academicians.

Good luck to the course participants on this effort!


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