Dr. Heinz Vetschera


Dr. Heinz Vetschera

Academic Lecturer, Peace Support Operations Training Centre, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Visiting Professor / Balkan security


Curriculum vitae:

Since 2007/11 Academic lecturer, Peace Support Operations Training Centre
(PSOTC), Sarajevo;

2007/11 Adjunct Faculty Member, Baltic Defence college (BDC), Tartu

2006/07- 2007/07 Head of Austrian Contingent (HoC), European Union Monitoring
Mission (EUMM) for the Western Balkans, Sarajevo;

2006/01-06 Deputy Head of Mission (DHoM), European Union Monitoring
Mission (EUMM) for the Western Balkans, Sarajevo;

2005/09 Associate Faculty Member, Geneva Center for Security Policy
(GCSP), Geneva;

2004/01 Head of Department for International Security Policy, Institute for
Strategy and Security Policy; National Defense Academy, Vienna;

2002/04-2003/12 OSCE-Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo), Deputy
Director, Department for Security Co-operation, tasked with arms control and defence
reform issues

2001/09 Return to National Defense Academy, Vienna

1998-99 OSCE Secretariat, Kosovo Verification Mission Support Unit, arms
control branch, Vienna

1998/05 Habilitation as University Docent (adjunct professor), Institute for Political Science, University Vienna; specialized on International Relations/Security Policy

1998- 2001 Counselor on Arms Control; Austrian Delegation to the OSCE;
Delegate to the Forum for Security Co-operation and to the Negotiations on Regional
Arms Control under Annex 1-B, Art. V of the Dayton Agreement (main negotiator)

1997/03 Return to National Defense Academy, Vienna

1996-1997 OSCE-Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo), Office for
Regional Stabilization (Politico-military Department of the Mission),

1996/01 Participation as expert in the Negotiations on Confidence- and
Security-Building Measures in Bosnia and Herzegovina ("Art. II Negotiations")

1995/12 Service with OSCE completed, return to National Defense

1991-1995 Senior Assistant to the Director, CSCE/OSCE Conflict Prevention
Center, Vienna; responsible for politico-military issues and Missions in Former

since 1986 Guest Lecturer, NATO-Defense College, Rome

1985/05 Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Defense Analysis, University

1983 - 1984 Resident Fellow at Institute for East-West-Security Studies in New

1980 - 1981 Research Fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies,

since 1975 Instructor/lecturer at National Defense Academy (International
Law, International Relations); foreign language studies (Italian, Serbo-Croat)

1974, 08/ 07 Ph.D. (Dr. rer. pol.)

since 1972/05 Institute for Strategic Research at the National Defense Academy
of the Austrian Armed Forces in Vienna; researcher and lecturer

1971, 10/12 LL.D. (Dr. iuris)

1967 - 1971 University studies (laws and political science), University of Vienna

1966 - 1967 military service (reserve officers' training)

1948, 19.03. Born in Vienna


Academic experience:

· Lecturer at the Austrian National Defense Academy, the University of Vienna,
the Austrian Diplomatic Academy, NATO Defense College (Rome), NATO
School/SHAPE (Oberammergau), the G. Marshall Center (Garmisch-Partenkirchen),
The Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP), the Baltic Defense College (Tartu,
Estonia), etc.
· Adjunct professor, University of Vienna
· Associate/Adjunct Faculty Member, Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP);
Baltic Defense College (Tartu, Estonia)
· Guest lectures inter alia in the USA, the Middle East, in Central Asia, in China;
· Numerous publications on European security policy, arms control, and South
Eastern Europe


Military experience (reserve) inter alia:

· Deputy Director / Department for Security Cooperation (arms control and
defence reform), OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
· Military expert/Austrian Delegation to the Negotiations on Confidence- and
Security-Building Measures;
· Chief military analyst, Kosovo Verification Mission Support Unit (KVM-SU),
arms control branch, OSCE Vienna;
· Head of analysis section/ Office for Regional Stabilization (arms control),
OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina;
· Legal officer/Army High Command;
· S-2/ mech brigade;
· Logistics officer/mech bn. 


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