Dr. Michael Dunn

Dr. Michael Dunn

Director of Research, Department of Defence Management & Security Analysis, Cranfield University


Visiting Professor / Change Management




Prior to joining Cranfield in 1998, Michael was a senior manager in British Telecom and, before that, the Post Office. He holds an MBA from Bristol Business School and a doctorate from Bristol University Graduate School of Education. Michael’s doctoral thesis examined the impact of gender on leadership styles within the British Army. He has published in leading peer reviewed journals, contributed to leadership texts and undertaken funded research for the UK MOD.

Current activities:

Michael’s ongoing research programme involves the analysis of leadership within the UK Armed Forces and the impact of New Public Management on the UK MOD. In his role as Departmental Director of Research he is responsible for developing the Department’s research strategy. He is also Academic Leader for the new MSc in Defence Leadership and a Visiting Senior Mentor at the Baltic Defence College in Estonia.


Selected publications:

(2005) The Armoured Glass Ceiling. Fourth International Studying Leadership Conference Lancaster University, 12-13 December 2005
(2006) Front Line or Clothes Line – do women officers in the British Army lead differently? British Academy of Management 2006 Conference
(2006) Leadership in the British Army – a gendered construct? Fifth International Studying Leadership Conference Cranfield University December 14-15 2006
(2007) British Army Leadership – is it gendered? Women in Management Review Vol 22 No 6 2007
(2007) Leadership in the British Army – a gendered construct? in Leadership Perspective: Knowledge into Action Eds Turnbull James, K. and Collins,J. Palgrave: London 


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