Educational Requirements Seminar at Baltic Defence College

Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) hosted a triennial Education Requirements Seminar (ERS) that brings together representatives from all three founding nations — Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania — and the BALTDEFCOL.

Throughout the day, the BALTDEFCOL's Leadership reported to the nations the current status and future developments within the education provided by the BALTDEFCOL. The framework nations provided feedback and presented their vision and requirements for continuous improvements to the BALTDEFCOL's curricula. The feedback and input from framework nations are valuable for the BALTDEFCOL's Leadership to make necessary adjustments and enhancements to their educational programs, ensuring that they remain relevant and effective in addressing the defence and security challenges the participating nations face. This collaborative approach helps foster closer cooperation and alignment among member countries in the field of defence education and training.

BALTDEFCOL's Commandant BG Alvydas Šiuparis welcomed the opportunity to hear the countries’ priorities and needs in order to refine the education of the officer core to keep them on par with the complex and evolving security environment in the contemporary warfighting context.


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