Ending our Academic year 2019/2020 with Staff Meeting

Today, the family of the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) gathered to the Main Hall to hold the last Staff Meeting in Academic Year 2019/2020. The meeting was the last assembly for the Commandant MG Andis Dilans (LVA Army) as the next week the leadership of the BALTDEFCOL will be handed over to Estonia.

The Commandant in his speech said: “It was a pleasure and real honor to work here in College with you all. I’m not hesitate that it is definitely the most important cooperation project on the Baltic Defence”. He added: “I acknowledge you as a very professional and astonishing team and I was honored and privileged to be the part of the team. In these four years, College ownership has definitely changed in the meaning that the link between the three Framework Nations and the College is stronger than ever before. We have been working closely to meet the requirements and needs of the three Baltic states to offer the best education to the officers and civil servants. Thank you very much for all the contributors - Nations, institutions and friends of the Baltic Defence College!”
The Commandant also expressed his special thanks to some of BALTDEFCOL staff members for their contribution and extraordinary support directly to Commandant and handed over the awards. This year, for the very first time, we chose the Best Staff Member. Mr Urmo Kivikas has displayed the most BALTDEFCOL’s Values of Respect, Openness, Responsibility and Social aspects as per our Code of Conduct. 

The meeting was also connected with farewells for leaving personnel; everyone received a graphic picture of the College to remind their service here in Tartu. As our Navy colleagues say: “Fair winds and following seas!”

Staff will continue with the team-building activity on Friday. This time we will visit Elva Shooting Range and try to shoot down some clay pigeons. 


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