EUCOM Capability Enhancement Regional Symposium 

From 29th to 31st of October 2019, the Baltic Defense College (BALTDEFCOL) and the Estonian Military Academy (EMA) hosted the U.S. European Command’s (EUCOM) Capability Enhancement Regional Symposium (CERES) in Tartu, Estonia. Organised by the EUCOM J5, the CERES is a multi-lateral forum where a number of NATO Allies and key partners (39 representatives from the US, UK, DEU, CAN, EST, LVA, LTU, POL, SWE and FIN) gather to share regional situational awareness / visibility on nations' bi-lateral activities with Baltic states and Poland.

The focus of this year’s conference was Maritime Domain Awareness and C4 functional areas. The conference included NATO / Partner classified presentations and discussions held at the EMA Simulation Centre on Day 1, followed by unclassified presentations and working groups at BALTDEFCOL on Days 2-3. Topics discussed during the symposium included Maritime Domain Awareness, Integrated Air Missile Defense, Cyber Security Cooperation and Russia’s A2/AD, Hybrid Warfare and ‘Grey Zone’ operations.


LTC Towner from BALTDEFCOL provided welcoming remarks, a BALTDEFCOL Command Brief and a lecture & discussion on Russia’s Hybrid Warfare and ‘Grey Zone’ operations.


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Visit of Estonian School of Diplomacy Delegation


Visit of MG Jeff Drushal, Commanding General of U.S. Army Security Assistance Command

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