Exercise Collaborative Effort 14 begins

Exercise Collaborative Effort 14 begins

Exercise Collaborative Effort 14 is run in the BALTDEFCOL between 3 -21 February. The Exercise, in which both the Joint Command and General Staff Course and Civil Servant Course participate, is a command and staff exercise which practises students in campaign planning and design and operational execution using a high intensity conflict scenario.

Exercise Collaborative Effort is delivered in two parts. Part 1 is a planning phase where students are allocated to operational planning groups which are tasked to develop guidance and courses of action to support a NATO force deployment to a crisis region. This phase practises students in the analysis of operational situations and consider probable NATO crisis response options using military force at large scales.

Phase 2 sees the students’ re-role into staff positions within a Joint Operations Centre and Operational Planning cells. Using the original crisis scenario they are now required to control the conduct of a major joint operation achieving high levels of situational awareness and developing future operations in accordance with NATO objectives.

The BALTDEFCOL continues to develop this exercise concept and is designing further enhancements in the area of exercise CIS support.

Jan-Erik Mikkelsen


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