Exercise Collaborative Effort continues

Exercise Collaborative Effort continues

Exercise Collaborative Effort continues with the exercise theme shifting from the planning of a combined joint exercise to its operational execution.

Using a high intensity conflict scenario the students of the JCGSC and the CSC combine to form a representative Combined Joint Task Force Headquarters (CJTF HQ) controlling the engagement at the operational level of a NATO force containing land, air, maritime, special operations and logistics forces.

The exercise introduces students to the demands of responding to operational level battle rhythm, maintaining situational awareness and creating high level reports and returns. It requires students to use their powers of analysis, judgement and decision making to accurately recognise situations and respond to operational events.

It is an intense exercise which includes a full programme of briefings, preparation of plans and operational analysis. The Exercise is an important synthesis of previous teaching and is an excellent experience to prepare students for deployment to Exercise VIKING which will take place in May in Sweden.


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Exercise COLLABORATIVE EFFORT 14 Continues into Second Week


Baltic Coordination Group meeting held in Tallinn

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