Exercise JOINT RESOLVE 2022 successfully completed

A combined student and faculty body from the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) and Polish War Studies University (WSU) concluded the 2022 Edition of Exercise JOINT RESOLVE in Warsaw late last week, with the successful delivery of their last briefings during this important Allied Joint Operational Planning exercise. The final event was the culmination of an intensive three-week exercise during which the three multinational Joint Operational Planning Groups worked diligently to deliver a number of key briefings for their respective Senior Mentors, acting as Joint Force Commander.  

The principal aim of the exercise, to execute the operational planning process cycle at the operational level, was successfully conducted, with almost 300 personnel from 18 Nations and 4 Continents participating and supporting the exercise. Above all, Exercise JOINT RESOLVE 2022, was an excellent opportunity for the WSU students to interact with their colleagues from the BALTDEFCOL in a challenging and dynamic multinational environment. The venue also provided the combined staff of the BALTDEFCOL and WSU to introduce some new facets to the exercise framework which were judged to have been a success and enhanced the overall value of the exercise.

As Brigadier General Robert Kosowski, Rector-Commandant of the WSU commented during his closing speech for Exercise JOINT RESOLVE 2022 “The exercise has set a defining reference point that students will use for further self-development in their careers”. At this most difficult time for Europe, with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, BG Kosowski also underlined the crucial importance of interoperability, further stating that “The exercise was an excellent occasion to get to know each other, to exchange ideas, to make friendly relations that will survive the End of the Exercise and will evolve during military service in future positions”.

Planning for the next edition of Exercise JOINT RESOLVE 2022, which should be held in Tartu, Estonia in 2023, has already started and will incorporate many of the lessons identified from the recent event in Poland.  


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The exercise Joint Resolve 2022 is moving toward the end


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