Exercise JOINT RESOLVE 2024–Update 2

Exercise JOINT RESOLVE 2024 (JR24) has transitioned to an Execution Phase following the Operational Planning Phase (OPP) completion last Friday, culminating with the delivery of respective Course of Action Decision Briefs within each of the Joint Operational Planning Groups.

The principal aim of the Course of Action (COA) Decision Brief was to present the Commander with the analysis and results of Phase III of the NATO OPP, including the wargaming that took place towards the end of last week. A clear and concise briefing, which normally presents at least two proposed Courses of Action, will allow the Joint Force Commander, in close coordination with his supporting Component Commanders, to determine the best COA for the planned or potential operation. At the same time, the JF COM can then provide Direction and Guidance for developing those products necessary to support and direct any potential operation while providing flexibility to test and adjust as the situation develops.

Throughout the last two weeks, the students of the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) have been working in close cooperation with their colleagues from the Polish War Studies University (WSU), The Finnish National Defence University (FNDU), the Hungarian University of Public Services and the National Defence University of Ukraine. In addition, the BALTDEFCOL has also hosted three German Fuhrungsakademie students as part of a bilateral exchange programme during JR24. For the next phase of JR24, we will be joined by members of the Multinational Medical Coordination Centre – Europe, based in Germany, including their Director, Surgeon General Stefan Kowitz.

Following a pause in the exercise over the weekend, during which the exercise participants undertook a successful sports tournament and cultural day hosted by the Polish WSU, the exercise was re-set in preparation for the execution phase. A ‘time jump’ in the Joint Operation has now been introduced with the Training Audience (TA) now faced with some operational dilemmas and challenges as a result of hostile actions undertaken by the Adversary in the Baltic Sea Region. During the next week, Exercise Control will present the TA with a wide range of complex situations and scenarios which need to be addressed by the Joint Headquarters at the operational level, working in close concert with both Strategic and Tactical actors across all domains and spheres of influence.

During the week, Exercise JR24 will also host a Distinguished Visitors Day to showcase the Polish War Studies University and the Exercise.


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Exercise JOINT RESOLVE 2024–Update


Exercise JOINT RESOLVE 2024 Hosted Distinguished Visitors' Day

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