Exercise “Joint Planner 18” conducted at the Baltic Defence College

From 5th to 16th of November 2018, the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) is conducting the Exercise “Joint Planner 18” (JP18) in the framework of the Joint Command and General Staff Course’s Module 5 (M5) Operational Level Planning (COPD) to BALTDEFCOL students and selected external participants.

BALTDEFCOL will utilize the Joint Warfare Centre’s “Skolkan ” scenario that is focused on the deterrence and defence of NATO countries in the Baltic Sea region. The goal of M5 is to provide familiarisation and understanding of NATO’s Operational Planning Process based on the Comprehensive Operational Planning Directive. The knowledge gained in this module will be fully exploited within Module 12 Planning and Execution of Allied Joint Operations that is culminating with the Exercise “Joint Resolve 19” organised together with the Polish War Studies University in May 2019 in Poland.


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