Exercise VIKING 2018 Workshop 3

From 21st till 25th of January, a workshop will be conducted in the premises of Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL). The workshop is a part of the preparation process of the Combined Joint Staff Exercise VIKING 18 that will be conducted in Sweden in April 2018 where BALTDEFCOL’s staff members and students of Joint Command and General Staff Course will participate.

In order to prepare the Exercise outline and STARTEX documents, the Swedish Armed Forces, together with the Swedish National Defence University (SNDU) are conducting a series of workshops for the exercise planners in order to prepare the major documents aimed to start and to conduct the exercise.

Workshop 3 is focusing on Assessment review and adjusting existing STARTEX documents for the incoming VIKING 2018. The Working Group will consists of 30 officers and civilian faculty from SWE Armed Forces, SWE National Defence University (SNDU) and FIN National Defence University (FNDU), participants from Joint Forces Command Brunssum (JFCBS) and from BALTDEFCOL's faculty.


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Col. (ret.) Stephen B. Appleton


Lt. Col. Dr. Mika Juha Kerttunen

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