Faculty Development Programme 

From 02 until 11 August the College is conducting the Faculty Development Programme, which supports the Faculty members’ preparations for the incoming academic year. It also serves the new staff members to integrate within the College and respective departments.

The second week of the faculty development is dedicated to developing professional knowledge and increasing faculty’s abilities to deliver education within the Adult Learning environment.

To meet the goal, the recognized Prof. James Groccia from Auburn University, who is also the Visiting Professor of the Tartu University, is providing education to share his experiences in Adult Learning to enhance the ability of academics in support of achieving learning outcomes of all the BALTDEFCOL courses. The 3-days workshop is important, as today’s world, indeed today’s student, requires teaching that is evidence based and engaged. The workshop emphasizes applications of human learning theory and research as well as group interaction to capitalize on adult learning preferences.


Academics from the Estonian National Defence College, the National Defence Academy of Latvia and the General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania are also participating in the workshop to share experiences related to military education in respective countries.


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