Faculty Development Programme 

From 31st of July until 10th of August, the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) is conducting the Faculty Development Programme, the aim of which is to make final coordination and preparations for the incoming Academic Year. The second week of the Faculty Development is focused on the further development of faculty members' professional knowledge as a precondition to deliver education within the Adult Learning environment. In parallel, the Faculty Development is an important facilitator of integration of new staff members into the College and the respective departments enabling them to contribute to education based on better understanding of the environment. The program is including social activities, which are important to enhancing relations within BALTDEFCOL family.

Within professional development variety of topics are covered by the College faculty and by invited guest speakers. Among them, Mr Geoff Yapp shared his experiences related to education in the academic environment. He is a former BALTDEFCOL faculty member, who was recognized in previous academic years as the best academic teacher by students. Therefore, his experience in planning and executing education, based on understanding professional military education environment, proved to be very valuable, especially for the new faculty members.


Ms Anne Rosenberg from Tartu Health Care College delivered lectures on Blended Learning presenting different digital environments that can be used in the teaching process, providing teachers different tools for conducting lectures. The main focus was on demonstrating how different digital and technological environments allow incorporation of smart phones, laptops and other hardware into classes. She presented different ways about making lectures more dynamic and interesting for students as well as informing them on how to use modern and current solutions in their everyday work.

Another area concentrated on the world of didactics by overview of selected teaching methods, their theoretical fundamentals, practical examples and practitioners' experiences. The education was facilitated by Ms Olga Bogdanova (Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies at the University of Tartu), and it is continuity of very close cooperation with the University. Among topics methods such as Fish Bowl, Socratic Discussion, Problem Based Learning, Blended Learning and others are to be used more intensively by participants within their didactical toolboxes. The methods are to be practiced and further used in the future educational activities.


Senior Guidance Officers' (SGOs) Workshop focusing on the preparation of SGOs to meet high educational standards for the academic year 2018-2019 formed another important part of the Faculty Development Programme. SGOs are primary students’ educators and facilitators. During the workshop CD and SGOs were introduced the responsibilities, roles and tasks SGOs have to conduct when interacting with students. Experienced SGOs shared their experience with new SGOs regarding students counselling, reports preparation, coordination meeting and other helpful recommendations. From academic year 2018-2019 BALTDEFCOL uses new composition of SGOs consisting of primary and secondary SGO in each syndicate.

The College will officially initiate the Academic Year 2018/2019 next week.


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Opening Ceremony of Joint Command and General Staff Course 2018/2019


H.E. Ms Tea Akhvlediani, Ambassador of Georgia to Estonia awarded with the Baltic Defence College Medal of Merit Silver

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