FINCENT Seminar on NATO Systems Approach to Training

On 20th of February, the Finnish Defence Forces International Center (FINCENT) delivered a seminar on NATO Systems Approach to Training (SAT) for the BALTDEFCOL faculty. The seminar aimed to introduce the SAT process to the BALTDEFCOL Faculty and to discuss its importance in the planning of education in the professional military education environment. This faculty development event is part of the preparation process for the NATO instructional accreditation process, which College aims to achieve this year. 


Furthermore, the interactive discussion about implementing the SAT into planning and delivery of education will help the BALTDEFCOL Faculty to prepare the curricula of the future courses. Another value of the seminar is its importance in facilitating the incoming Educational Requirement Seminar (ERS) in the fall of 2020. Educational Requirements Seminars are organized together with the BALTDEFCOL stakeholders (Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Ministry of Defence/Armed Forces) to enlighten their training needs requirements allowing the College to meet expectations of the Framework Nations better.

The target audience of the SAT seminar were military and civilian faculty members who are involved in the educational process either as instructors or in the curriculum design and course planning process in their respective modules. 


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Visit by Mr Damon Wilson, Executive Vice President of the Atlantic Council 


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