Graduation Ceremony of Higher Command Studies Course 2020

On 4th June, the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) hosted its third and last Graduation Ceremony of the Academic Year 2019/2020. The Higher Command Studies Course (HCSC), encompassing 20 students from 12 different NATO and partner nations, started its journey at the BALTDEFCOL six months ago.

During these months, the Course participants have been highly engaged in education and individual research as important constituents of their professional development. In addition, they participated in a range of collective research projects, lectures, discussions and other educational activities including the annual BALTDEFCOL conference.

Today, the Graduation Ceremony was honoured by the Ministers of Defence of three Baltic states and other high-level guests via the internet. In the light of COVID-19, all the Ministers forwarded their Graduation Speeches through MS Teams.


The Commandant of the BALTDEFCOL, Major General Andis Dilans reminded the students that after graduation, they have to use opportunities and dedicate time to turn theoretical gains into practical use. This is as BALTDEFCOL's Faculty and recognised Guest Speakers had prepared them for executive responsibilities at a strategic level enabling to take positions nationally and internationally in policymaking, command ship and management positions. The Commandant congratulated all the students and wished a safe trip home.

As a tradition, respective students of HCSC were recognised for their outstanding performance. Colonel Ronald Ti was awarded the Best Students Award for exceptional academic achievements, excellent leadership and comradeship skills. For most engaging Research Paper in Strategic Studies, Mr Irakli Marr was recognised with the Academic Writing Award.


Baltic Defence College family wishes good luck to all students of the Higher Command Studies Course 2020 in their future endeavours! Stay in touch and hopefully we meet again!


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Education process continues at BALTDEFCOL


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