Graduation Ceremony of the Civil Servants Course 2016

Graduation Ceremony of the Civil Servants Course 2016

On 15th December 2016 the Civil Servants Course graduation ceremony was held in the Tartu University museum. Leading the distinguished visitors who had come to the College to congratulate the students was Latvian minister of defence, Mr Raimonds Bergmanis. Estonia was represented by undersecretary for legal and administrative affairs, Mr Erki Kodar and Lithuania by Mr Karolis Aleksa, director of international cooperation department, both from their respective ministries of defence.

The Commandant of the Baltic Defence College, Major General Andis Dilāns emphasized in his speech the importance of educating civilians in the military (and wider defence) matters. He argued that civil and military affairs are indivisible and should be taught together to our next generations of leaders. Importance of hard power is resurging in the ’Wider Baltic’ area and we should adapt to it.

While presenting diplomas, commandant, along with distinguished representatives highlighted two individuals’ accomplishments during the course. First of all, the class leader, mr Donatas Eidintas received kind words for his excellent work in his position. He succeeded in keeping his class together and engaged in the educational as well as social activities. The best student of Civil Servants Course 2016 - Ms Maarja Naagel - raised the bar for everyone else. She oftentimes led the discussions and brought those to a higher standard.

Altogether the course was relieved to have the graduation before christmas. Tired, but happily they have now already returned to their homes and working places to contribute even more enthuastically to the build-up of their respective nations’ defence capabilities.

We wish them good luck in their future endeavours and a very merry holiday season!


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