HCSC International Study Trip

The students of the Higher Command Studies Course (HCSC) 2022 accompanied by faculty members conducted last week the International Study Trip (IST) to Brussels and Rome.

The focus of the 2022 International Study Trip was on NATO, the European Union and Allied European countries. It provided an opportunity to familiarize with the defence policies of Belgium and Italy, and to explore strategy making policies at the Alliance and national levels. The briefings by NATO International Military Staff and the European Union Military Staff offered the HCSC students and faculty up-to-date insights related to recent developments in the security environment. Students met high-level security and defence practitioners such as General Claudio Graziano, the Chairman of the European Union Military Committee and Mr James Appathurai, the Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges.

The visit to Brussels was an occasion to conduct panel discussion with the Military Representatives of the Baltic States, and to meet Ambassador Jüri Luik, the Permanent Representative of Estonia to NATO. A social event in the evening gathered Military Representatives of all nations represented at the HCSC 2022 and provided additional opportunities for professional discussions.

The HCSC also benefited immensely from visiting the NATO Defense College (NDC) and the Center for Higher Defence Studies (CASD). Both visits supported the BALTDEFCOL visibility and extension of already existing institutional network and will further benefit the College students and staff based on closer links as Professional Military Education institutions.

One of the invaluable aspects of the International Study Trip was the opportunity for students to highlight the Baltic perspective in Brussels and Rome when visiting NDC and CASD. Such the perspective is of fundamental importance, especially now.

Study the ISTs constitute an essential and integral part of the HCSC curriculum and support learning outcomes of the course and respective modules. The study trips provide students with an excellent opportunity to meet national, regional, and global practitioners working in decision-making environments. Moreover, it is allowing to obtain first-hand knowledge of Allied, European, and national policies, as well as armed forces and cultural values as integral part of students’ education.


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Visit by the Swedish Defence University


Visit by US Air Force War College

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