HCSC Team Building Tour


Mr Laar, a prominent Estonian historian, provided the HCSC with a detailed insight into the Second World War battles of the Narva River and Sinimäed (the Blue Mountains ). During the 5 hour tour, Mr Laar gave the Course a thorough and deep understanding of both the strategic importance of the operations and the tactical details of the battles fought in the area. The tour culminated with a two kilometre long walk of the Põrguhaua hill battlefield, following the footsteps the mostly Estonian soldiers took in July 1944. The group was impressed by Mr LaarÂ’s knowledge and personal dedication and was very grateful for his good will in spending his Saturday with them.

 After a good sleep in Toila Spa, the HCSC travelled to Tallinn where they acquainted themselves with the medieval centre of the town and other sights. On their way to Tallinn they found time to drop by the Valaste waterfall, the highest waterfall in the country.

Text by Margus Kolga


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