Heritage Foundation video conference on 31st January

On 31st January the Baltic Defence College hosted a seminar in the form of the video conference with Mr. Luke Coffey and Daniel Kochis of the Heritage Foundation. Mr. Coffey and Mr. Kochis are experts in Trans-Atlantic security and were able to share their thoughts regarding America's role as a leader in these arrangements. Additionally, the guests provided insight on topics ranging from a return to a traditional role for NATO to strategies for constraining and deterring Russian aggression. Students were provided with a great deal of information and perspectives on several highly relevant topics and the College would like to thank the Heritage Foundation and both guests for their support to the school's mission.

The event was organized and led by students of the Baltic Defence College to underpin their education and to enlarge their knowledge in relation to current developments and future prediction of the Trans-Atlantic relations.


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Kristine Atmante

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