The aim of the Higher Command Studies Course (HCSC) is to educate military officers and civilian government officials from the Baltic states, their allies, and partners, for executive responsibilities at the strategic level. It will enable comprehension of the multifaceted actions necessary for the accomplishment of national and Allied strategic objectives within an uncertain international environment. It will produce creative, proactive, and agile leaders, policymakers, and top-level managers capable of making a sound, decisive, and future-oriented strategic decisions.


The core rationale for the HCSC is to ensure that the graduates will be able to make an effective contribution to meet today’s and tomorrow’s strategic challenges and through their future leadership will be ready to lead major defence development programmes.

The HCSC is highly engaging and students will be required to conduct individual research and to participate in a range of collective research projects and discussions. Several practical exercises, include also a major exercise on Long-Term Defence Planning – known as ‘Strategic Planner’. Two field study trips will complement classroom activities. One of them is conducted to NATO and EU institutions to discuss current developments on strategic political level. Another study trip visits Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to get familiar with the states and later produce a plan of necessary improvements for regional defence and security. During the Course students have several individual study days.

The HCSC was accredited by NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT) in 2008. NATO ACT certified the HCSC as ‘Listed’ course and included it in the Education and Training Opportunities Catalogue (ETOC NATO) in 2015. As a NATO-recognised course, the HCSC has established its position alongside other courses at a similar level and delivers added-value education to military and civilian students from the Baltic states, as well as their allies and partners. The HCSC is accredited by several NATO countries at the national level.


The HCSC’s educational method is based on a combined educational approach, including lectures, seminars and small group (syndicate) activities and exercises to facilitate adult learning at an advanced level. Consequently, the primary responsibility for learning and achieving the specified learning outcomes is placed on the student.


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