"In Memoriam" Charity Run 2023

The 9th "In Memoriam" charity event took place on October 18th, involving students, staff members, and their families from the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL). This event serves as a commemoration for Lithuanian soldiers who lost their lives during the current year. In addition to remembering the fallen soldiers, the event also included a fundraising campaign.

The collected financial donations from this campaign will be distributed among the families of the deceased soldiers. This event not only pays tribute to the soldiers but also provides support to their families in their time of need. It's a meaningful and charitable initiative to honour the sacrifice made by these soldiers.

Around 100 participants from 15 nations took part in a run, walk or ride around the Anne Canal in Tartu with a minimum distance of 1.5 km. The physical activity, whether running, walking, or riding, adds an element of unity and participation, symbolizing the collective effort to remember and honour these soldiers. This event reflects a strong sense of community and remembrance among the students, staff members, and their families from the BALTDEFCOL.

The official "In Memoriam" run will occur virtually on October 23-October 25 and is organised by the Lithuanian Military Families’ Women Society “Birutietės”.



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